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Clove Noir

breathing life back into the Bela of our Musical Mecca

reviving the Bela of our Musical Mecca
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An old school, diverse and balanced nightclub and performance experience.
The textures of our dimly lit sanctuaries and the adornment of our company, for an era lingered all around us... Clove; Velvet; Lace; Bohemian Minimalism; Understated Elegance; Cool Tempered; Swift Footed.

Do you miss our old haunts and sanctuaries of back when?
Do you feel despite all your youth, deprived of being a part of the goth hey-day?
Do you want to revive and recapture goth's cavernous grace and comfortable ambiance in all its otherwordly glory?

It is our goal through Clove Noir club nights to breathe life back into the Bela of our Musical Mecca.

We offer an old school yet diverse and balanced music listening and dancing experience in a welcoming atmosphere that we hope also encourages conversation and discovery.

We will be playing an excellent cross-section of post-punk, trad-goth, deathrock, batcave, ethereal/ambiant goth and darkwave. We will also be playing retro and cult classics as well as ~touches~ of cabaret, swing revival, ska and gypsy punk . We like to weave textures and tempos with our old-school. *fiendish grinn*

Currently researching local venues
Venue and dates to be announced
Coming soon to London, Ontario